Just like with the rest of the world, the KLI has endured, and survived, the Covid period with a range
of coping strategies. This is largely due to a wonderful gesture from St Charles College, who
requested that we move onto their campus in order to be of service to those international students
who choose SCC for their schooling.

It has been an exciting time for us, adding the teaching of international children and teenagers to
our repertoire, and watching them blossom as they master the art of using English as the medium of
instruction for all their schooling. Learning a language is a somewhat slow process, with peaks and
plateaus along the way, and it is important to allow sufficient time and patience in order to reach an
academic level in any learned language.

In addition, SCC selects children from all over South Africa for sporting scholarships – and a number
of these children have not had a sound grounding in the use of English for their studies. These
students too, need great perseverance and sufficient time to master the use of language in the
academic arena. Everyday communication skills are not enough to succeed in exams of the calibre of

So. after seven years as an independent organisation, and two years further years surviving Covid in
the gracious safety net of St Charles College, the KLI is now moving strongly into its tenth year.
Watch out for notification of our celebrations.