“I have never been good with languages and I knew when coming to South Africa that my ultimate barrier to studying towards my degree would be English.

Let me indulge myself in a little story: I arrived at the UKZN Language Centre – now known as the KZN Language Institute – in September 2008 unable to write a sentence in English. After making me feel so welcome, offering me a shelter, Jenny and her team taught me English from basics to advanced level, with professionalism and ease beyond imagination.  After hours of listening,speaking and writing, I passed my proficiency test with one of the highest marks ever and graduated a year later with distinctions. That was quite an achievement considering that I was a French-speaking student.

This was not my achievement but theirs. To Jenny, May, Julienne, Trish, Jean and Carol, I would love to say an enormous “thank you” because I owe you more than you can imagine. I would not hesitate to recommend the KZN Language Institute to any French-speaker wanting to study in South Africa”.