One month ago I decided to go back to China. I was so lucky, I booked cheapest tickets from the internet.Then arriving in China, I met my family and my friends. I also went to my grandpa’s tomb.

 I was so happy that I met my best friends,and he was glad me back. We decided to travel in GuiLin (GuangXi province) We ate lots of nice food, like rice noodles of GuiLin and Beer Duck. Two special food from GuiLin And we went to a such amazing place around China where is Li River. We went boating on the river and took lots of beautiful photos. I felt so excited! Then we went to BeiHai city to ate different fish from sea, also we went to beach and enjoyed the whole afternoon on the beach! It was such a amazing place to swim!

During my holiday I taught English to my little cousin, I was a little bit annoyed with him,because he did not listen to me. He was not interested in studying language.But I am! so I returned to South Africa to continuing my English life!