The KZN Language Institute is a small and professional institute with a long history. For thirteen years it operated out of University of KwaZulu-Natal and is now an expanding independent organisation. We offer programmes in English as well as various other languages for students, for working people and for travellers.

Here in Pietermaritzburg you can learn English, or our local isiZulu, or a range of other languages spoken in Africa and abroad.If you are a student, we will give you academic support or preparation for entrance into any higher education institution. If you are in the working world we will give you expertise in business skills and the use of English in the work place. If you plan to travel – for work or for leisure purposes – we can help you develop some communicative skills in the language you need.

We are situated in the city of Pietermaritzburg, in KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa. This medium-sized city nestles halfway between the mountains of Drakensberg and the coastal city of Durban on the Indian Ocean. It has a reputation for its educational status with high quality schools, universities and other institutions. Because it is small and quiet, it is possible for students to focus on their studies and is an ideal city for someone arriving from another country to learn about life in South Africa.

people from Pietermaritzburg benefited from programmes funded by NLC in 2018/19.
hours were spent on academic editing during the second half of 2019 (PhD and Masters level).
UKZN students completed postgraduate workshops during the 2018/19 year.
1st year UKZN & Cedara Agric College students completed an Academic Literacy course in 2019.



“I have never been good with languages and I knew when coming to South Africa that my ultimate barrier to studying towards my degree would be English.

Let me indulge myself in a little story: I arrived at the UKZN Language Centre – now known as the KZN Language Institute – in September 2008 unable to write a sentence in English. After making me feel so welcome, offering me a shelter, Jenny and her team taught me English from basics to advanced level, with professionalism and ease beyond imagination.  After hours of listening,speaking and writing, I passed my proficiency test with one of the highest marks ever and graduated a year later with distinctions. That was quite an achievement considering that I was a French-speaking student.

This was not my achievement but theirs. To Jenny, May, Julienne, Trish, Jean and Carol, I would love to say an enormous “thank you” because I owe you more than you can imagine. I would not hesitate to recommend the KZN Language Institute to any French-speaker wanting to study in South Africa”.

-Cyrille Ndjiki


“I took English course with my 10 years old son a month. We are from Japan. I thought teachers were kindness and well skilled. Students from more than 10 countries, so I had chance to talk with them in English also study and feel the culture of many other countries after the class. During the stay in KZN Language Institute was surrounded by friendly loving people, It was very precious experience that I can`t feel in Japan. We wanted stay more becouse really enjoyed and happy there.” –Yumiko 


I am Vania Nhambe from Mozambique. I was a student at UKZ LI in 2013 and I would like to talk about that amazing experience. I spent 3 months at Language Institute and When I arrived there I couldn’t hear and understand what people was saying because they talk so fast and fast. However, during the lessons I became able to listen well because of efficient system to teach. I just loved it. It has different teachers in lessons day by day. In other words we had lessons with different teachers every day. This is a good way to teach because I could interact with several teachers and each of them has a different way to speak and to teach. During that time I improved my English in all aspects such as writing, listening, speaking and reading. I could also improve my vocabulary. I discovered that to speak fluently any language we have to have a reach vocabulary. This is the main secret according to my view point.

I didn’t have friends from different countries in the world but at Language institute I could meet people from different countries such as China, Congo, Japan, Argentina and Mexico. This was a good experience because we shared knowledge, culture habits and experiences.

All the teachers who work in are friendly, patient and always available to help and to give any advice. They are as a true family.